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Premium Quality UPVC Pipes

UPVC pipe is a type of plastic pipes that are in high demand due to their characteristics of being used in diverse industries, long-lasting feature, strength and affordable prices. Given that, leading UPVC Pipe manufacturers such as ADARSH Pipes manufactures and supplies a range of high-quality UPVC pipes for commercial as well as domestic use. We are committed to being ideal in what we manufacture, sell and supply. And we achieve this with the help of our skilled and experienced professionals, state of the art machinery equipment installed at our plant and the technical knowledge of plastic piping technology.

Due to the strong resistance to chemicals, fungi, contamination and most hygienic fluid transportation, UPVC Pipes are in high demand. The inside surface of the UPVC pipes are smooth enough and prevent fuming, encrustation. Also, the pipes prevent transmission of any odour or taste to the fluid being conveyed. So, the Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) pipes manufactured by us are ideal for transporting water.

Usage of Our UPVC Pipes

  • UPVC pipes are suitable for drinking water supply lines.
  • They are ideal for sewer and drain pipelines because of their quality of being non-metallic and resistance to metallic corrosion.
  • They are a good choice for Rising Main in tube wells as well as UPVC downpipes.
  • Our UPVC Pipes can be used in sewerage systems because they can prevent any deposits inside the pipeline.
  • The UPVC pipes can also be used for proper ventilation in bathrooms.
  • Moreover, the pipes are perfect for electrical installation owing to their feature of being non-conductive to fire.

Salient Features

Hard Texture

Since our professionals avoid using extra plasticizing polymers, UPVC pipes manufactured and supplied by us come with a more rigid texture than PVC pipes.


We make UPVC pipes using eco-friendly and virgin unplasticized polyvinyl chloride compounds. So, they’re chemical resistant and eco-friendly.


As a UPVC pipe manufacturer, we ensure our pipes are lightweight, durable, and resilient. They require low maintenance, less transportation cost.

UV Resistance

The UPVC Pipes are corrosion-proof, mineral resistant, UV resistant. Also, they have high strength and can bear the effects of pressure and hardware conditions.

Reasonably Priced

The UPVC Pipes are reasonably priced. They require low installation and operational costs. They save on replacement cost in the futue due to durable quality.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for one of the best and most trusted UPVC Pipe Manufacturers.

Product Range

UPVC Pipes :

  • 15mm (1/2") to 50mm (2") N.D.
  • SCH-40 & SCH-80 as per ASTMD-1785.

UPVC Solvant Cement :

  • Adarsh UPVC Solvent Cement provides tough and strong bounding to pipes.


  • Indoor and Outdoor use for cold water application.
  • Residential complexes, commercial buildings, public utilities, swimming pools.
  • RO and DM water plants.
  • For concealed, down take & terrace looping.


  • Lead Free material ensures safe drinking water.
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance ensures constant flow over lifetime.
  • Light weight but strong.
  • Self extinguishing. Does not support combustion.
  • High Impact resistance, ensures high quality performance at lower temperatures 

Plumbing Pipe

Outside Dia.Wall Thickness
3 mtr.
6 mtr.